We are currently using zfd 4.01 with a multi-server enviroment which
conists of around 20 servers running 6.5 sp 2 and the latest edir(and

We have around 3000 machines with Clients 4.83, 4.90 sp1 and 4.90 sp2 and
the Zfd 4 Management agent (from IR4a). All students workstations are
imported using zen when they are originally setup.

Will will have to make sure all these machines are upgraded to the new zfd
6.5 Management agent or can we just setup the new machines with the new
agent and make sure that the users have both policies Zen 4 and Zen 6.5
assigned to them?

Will the student workstations need re-importing?

Will existing zen 4 apps work in 6.5?

What's the recommended minimum client level for 6.5?

Any one found any gotcha's or things to be aware of?

The main reason we're looking at zen 6.5 (very happy with 4.01 apart from
the hassle we had with the middle tier (running on 6.5 sp1) is that we
would like to use Windows Terminal Server 2003 and Zen. Don't think it's
supported under 4.01

Any help or info would be great. Thanks.