in very short: Has ZDM6.5 Agent some drivers / services interacting
with keyboard and mouse? If so, how to kick them? (uninstall doesn't

yesterday I installed the ZDM6.5 Agent from the product's installation
CDROM. After the next reboot there was no more keyboard or mouse
action possible. May be, it was a mistake not to first uninstall the

Starting with boot.ini option /sos shows that list of drivers loaded,
exactly when they are done and the light blue XP /sos statup screen
shows up, keyboard and mouse pointer stop reacting at all.

By Sysinternals ERD Commander Boot cd I disabled all non vital services
and drivers, no change. Reactivated them.

Fortunately I installed VNC as a service, so I could gain access
remotely. Uninstalling ZDM6.5Agent and Novell Client 4.9.2 didn't
change anything. Nor did reinstalling these or other Versions /
Combinations of Client an ZfD4.0.x Agents.

After I am logged in through VNC, I get several times this one:

Problem sending command to keyboard

And the synaptics Touchpad has to be closed due to a program problem.
(Neither Touchpad,Keyboard, External Keyboard / Mouse directly or by
port replicator work)

Some postings in the rest of the newsnet tell, that (two times for
omnibooks) M$-SMS Server can interact with that HP Keyboard driver
*after* logon (HKLM/.../run key). That's for sure not the cause, as it
happens much earlier in the boot process.


does the ZDM6.5 Agent install something simmilar like thas SMS as a
driver or service, that is not uninstalled if the ZDM6.5 Agent itself
is uninstalled? Then I would have a start point for tracking down the
problem. I honestly do not like to reimage my notebook, too much
configuration work since the last imaging. :-((

And I will better wait with my upgrade ZfD4.0.1 -> ZDM6.5 ...

Thanks, Rudi.