Hello Everyone,

I need some information pertaining to Zenworks 6.5 desktop management.
I currently have two servers out of three within the same tree that are
running 4.01 SP1b on Netware 6 SP4. I'm getting a slue of new Dell GX280
computers and my current zen set up will not support them. I've read on the
forge site, that they have a fix for the GX 280 computer but it is only for
6.5 desktop management. So now I want to update to 6.5 but want to know how
to pursue it. Here is what I have in mind as far as the upgrade goes.

1) Upgrade all servers in my replica to the latest JAVA versions
2) Apply SP5 to all servers
3) On the two servers running ZEN, upgrade them to 6.5
4) Do not use the latest Management Agent that came with 6.5, instead use
the IR4 Agent.
5) Do not use any new snapins that came with 6.5 until Novell fixes the
issues with the latest 6.5 agent.

If there is anything I missed, please fill in the gaps, all information
is welcomed.

Thank you
Alex Anderson