I believe, I miss where eDir 8.7.3 for NetWare is (I hope so ...)

I am just sitting here to install the update ZfD4.0.1_ir4a to ZDM6.5,
and the readme tells:

> Software Requirements for Installing All Components
> The following table lists the software ....


> If this NetWare 6 server will also be running the
> ZENworks 6.5 Middle Tier Server, you *must* upgrade eDirectory on the
> server to version 8.7.3 (required minimum).

Where to get a *licensed* copy for NetWare, it is a reqired component,

The numerous ZDM 6.5 CDROMs hold a copy of eDir installer 8.7.3 for
windows. But *NOT* for NetWare?


tinyurl = http://tinyurl.com/58s6d

there is that ugly sentence stating:

What's New in eDirectory 8.7.3
Novell eDirectory 8.7.3 for all supported platforms is available for
free for *evaluation* in *nonproduction* environments. If you want to
run Novell eDirectory 8.7.3 in a production environment, see How to Buy
Novell eDirectory

eDir 8.7.3 is a *requirement* for ZDM 6.5 installed in a pure NetWare
environment, so ZDM 6.5 should also contain a *FULL* eDir not only for
Windows Servers, but for NetWare as OS as well?

That statement sounds like eDir 8.7.3 is for free, if used with ZDM on
Windows Serves, but has to be payed extra if used on NetWare??!?

Confused, Rudi.