Here is a tip:

We installed the 4.9sp2 client with the newest patches. Then the
installed the zfdagent for Zenworks 6.5.

On the clients there was a very slow login (maybe 5 minutes).

First the Loginmask comes quickly. After pressing the "OK"-button the
screnns was black for maybe 5 minutes (There was only the mouse to see).
Then the loginscrict runs.

While the screen was black, it was possible to press "ctrl-alt-del".
Then we can see the Loginmask and that the client have found the server
but no more.
After 5 minutes (maybe) the script was running.

We uninstalled all (before) installed ndps-printers on the clients and
then we installed them again!
Everything works fine!

I don`t find any Novell-TID about, because of that, i write it here.

Ever a good Login wishes

Kordewiner / Germany