We have two issues with our first (of 47) installations of Zenworks for
Desktops 6.5:

1) we get a message saying that the install was not successful, but when
reviewing the ZENworks_Desktop_Management_InstallLog.log, we have one
NONFATAL error which reads:

Install File: E:\public\nls\english\NalRes.dll
Status: ERROR
Additional Notes: ERROR -
java.io.FileNotFoundException: E:\public\nls\english\NalRes.dll (Access
is denied)

should we worry about this? what does this mean?

2) when installing, we don't get the option to browse and change paths
for our installed components. we are upgrading from ZFD IR4, and we
aren't changing our paths from what we had (inventory on VOL1 and
everything else on SYS)..but it concerns me that as an ADMIN user, we
cannot modify these paths

any ideas?

thanks in advance
Rachel Watts