A new Network is configurded like:
Netware 6.5 Sp2
ZFD 6.5
BM 3.8 SP2A
SAV 9 With Update MP2
Arcserve 11.1

Win XP Sp2 !!!
Client 4.9 SP2
NWGINA for ZFD 6.5

Our problems:
I configure this Network with a Workstation without SP2.
All of the funktions will work fine on this Client.

The 8 new Workstations are WIN XP SP2 with deactivated Firewall funktion.
Till the installation of ZFDAGENT.MSI the Workstations will work OK.

Now, they can't run any Programs like MSIEXEC... because they has no
rights to run MSI-Files.

Now I would test the Interims-Version of ZFDAGENT, but no deinstallation
of the original Version is possible...
I Can't deinstall or install anything.

There is an Group-Policy active to set the internet Proxy.
No other things are definied.

Other Problems show me, that the Administartor-Group has not all nessasary
I Can't see any Network Adapters
GPEDIT.MSC dont start, because rights problems.

The system tells me, that there is a Problem to get the cliet-side scipt
of the Group-Policy.

Now, i don't know what to do. Sice 2 Days i look for TIDs and so on.

Where can I set up this Rights back?