I've been reading the threads in this discussion pertaining to upgrading
to ZFD 6.5 and suspect I need further clarification. Our environment
consists of the following:

ZFD 3.2 SP3 on NetWare 6.5 SP1
eDir 8.7.3
Workstations are a mix of Win2K and WinXP
Novell client is primarily 4.9sp1a and a few 4.83 SP1
NALDESK is launched locally rather than through the login script

I plan on upgrading the backend first to ZFD 6.5 and then in batches roll
out the ZFDAgent to my desktops. My questions are these:

1. I've been reading about problems with the ZFDAgent that ships with
ZFD 6.5. Should I be rolling out this agent at all? Should I wait for
an update? (I'm currently testing the beta version) Do I have other

2. If I upgrade the back-end to 6.5 why should I NOT install the C1 snap-
ins for ZFD 6.5? I've been reading I should wait until all the
workstations are running the new agent before installing the snap-ins.
Can someone please explain why this is? I was under the impression that
ZEN is backwards compatible. So if I do "touch" a ZEN object with the
6.5 snap-ins they should still work with my older clients - yes/no?

3. After the back-end upgrade, should I go through each application
object and import the legacy system requirements? (assuming I have the
6.5 snap-ins installed and the ZFDAgent has not been rolled out yet).

Any insight is greatly appreciated.