Hi People,

We have a small NW6 network [350 users]running BM3.8, GW5.5. We are going
to upgrade NW6 to NW6.5, install ZEN 6.5 [most of its services including
Middle Tier - not Linux management though]. Also upgrade GW5.5 to 6.5.

In addition we are building a SQL2000 cluster on Windows 2003 [hence AD

The question is should we install Netware DNS/DDNS or Microsoft DNS/DDNS.
If the answer is Microsoft DNS/DDNS, will I get away with installing the
DNS/DDNS on a low spec machine purely hosting DNS ??.

NOTE - We will probably at a later date be utilising all the good ROI
features of ZEN 6.5 including smart image deployment !! [PXE, ZIS, ENGL?]