Hello Everyone,

Since I've updated to 4.0.1 IR4a I'm having problems with iprint
policies not pushing out the iprint printers to my clients. I have the
software and licenses to upgrade to 6.5. I found TID 10092964 and it
stats that 6.5 with iprint client 3.05 and 3.09 do not have this problem.
My question is, will learning curve would I endure upgrading to 6.5? I have
not yet had sufficient training for 6.5 and I'm reluctant to upgrade. If I
do decide to upgrade, will I have to restart the server? I guess I have a
lot of reading to do. I just wish when Novell does decided to release an
update to their products, that they don't break (what's not broken in
previous versions) vital services that cause us (Admins) to go manual when
the whole purpose of this software is to prevent just that. I understand
it's inevitable things break, but there needs to be more quality control
when it comes to testing. Sorry for the vent, but at this point I'm in a
rock in hard place.

Thank you
Alex Anderson