Im evaluating ZfD 6.5. In our productiv environment we use ZfD 4.01,W2k
Professional and W2K Terminal-Server and Citrix MF XP FR3. We restrict the
User on Workstation and TS with Grouppolicies over ZEN User Packages
and everything works fine!
Now the problem:
In an test environment weve installed NW 6.5 SP2, ZfD 6.5(no update), W2k
Pro, W2003 TS and W2K TS. If I configure the Grouppolicies for Terminal
Server in a User Package, the 3 Buttons "User Configuration" "Computer
Configuration" and "Security Settings" under "Apply settings Type" do not
become available, although a path is set.
If I configure the same for a normal Workstation W2K Prof/WXP Prof in the
same User Package the buttons are available. Also the buttons are
available on an Workstation Package,only on an User Package it is not
working. It doesnt matter if I start C1 on TS or Workstation.
Is there anybody who can help?