Hi we are evaluating potential issues with the deployment of a clientless
Zenworks deployment and have the following questions/concerns.

Site is distributed over a WAN environment.
Currently hub and spoke. 350 users total.
10 remote sites 2mb links

Current workstations NT4 and client32, zenworks for some policies only. (ZW

Proposed result is

Zenworks 6.5
XP sp2 with ZW agent only
Central Management and Middle Tier server
Local middle and management servers for PXE, WOL, Apps

Questions are:

1. Will users get Management Agent login prompts? (looks like if usernames
and passwords are sync'd should be fine)
2. Can we use the PXE service to boot to dos to run setup.exe against
unattended.txt (to save recreating images with service packs etc)
3. Main concern.. How do AD workstation objects and edirectory workstation
objects sync. Especially if they will likely be added to the domain first,
going into AD computers, then get registerd with the the wsimport function.
4. How is the local middle tier server located? Zenswimport? We were
planning on only one as we have a flat dns namespace for all sites.
5. The client does not really want edir and would like to do as much admin
as possible from ad. (plan is to do all user and computer policy from ad
with application, deployment and remote assistance stuff from zen/edir)

What issuse will we have with the above, are there any concerns we have not