I have an error here which is effecting multiple computers at my site. I
have a pc w/ WinXP sp2 on it, I install the Novell 4.9sp2 (sept patches)
client. I then install the zen 65 agent, and shortly after that (usually a
couple of reboots) the Windows security center pops up and says it can no
longer see my antivirus software (we run SAV Corporate 9.0.1400, which is
compatible w/sp2). My zen agent also does not start anymore. I attempted
to uninstall the agent but it tells me my Windows installer Service could
not be accessed. I am unable to install or uninstall any application.

Please help, this is starting to affect quite a few of our computers (does
not matter to the make or model). I have been able to fix this after
multiple reinstalls of XP, but that is too lengthy of a process.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.