so after many many repetitions of the install, trying to look at anything
that may be causing us errors (any thread in the forums, etc)...we have
just completed two installs on the same server this morning.

the first time, we get an error about unable to copy shared files (they
are zenmup.dll, zenlite.dll and problem, they are
nonfatal and we can copy them over, right?) in public. but we DON'T get
the error about the imaging service object.

but we look in ConsoleOne and our imaging object is not there.

we stop services, etc to repeat the installation of ZDM on the same
server..and THIS time we get the "unable to create imaging service
object" error..

but we look in ConsoleOne and our imaging object is THERE.

AND, we load up the zen services manually on the server (tomcat33,
zfdstart, mgmtdbs, and startinv)...and all 6 ZDM services are running on
the server (including IMAGING) with no errors.

have we done a successful install of ZDM 6.5? i have no clue.

all i know is i'm grasping at straws and feeling nervous (not to mention
having clients/bosses breathing down our necks) about promising
completion dates for ZDM upgrade.

how can we be persuaded or disuaded concretely about the success or
failure of our installs?

any advice?