I have some questions about a pending rollout of ZenWorks 6.5 on our
network. We have 7 servers that are connected by T1. Each server is on its
own subnet. We have a BorderManager3.8 firewall protecting us from the
internet. Our network consists of some 700 client workstations.

My question is: What would be the best config for this rollout? Can I
install it all on one central server? The only components we are not going
to implement at this time are, Linux Management, Sever Management, and
Handheld Management.

We are not going to manage workstations outside the firewall for the time

I was looking at a Dell 2650 with 4 gig ram and Dual Processors and was
hoping that I could get by with one dedicated Zenworks server. I would be
intersested in hearing what others have done ,or would do in a similar
situation. Any advice is greatly appreciated.