We received an update to the Zenworks agent from Novell to fix our logout
issue. The MSI version is 6.53.141005. We are right in the middle of the
deployment to 3000 machines and we experiencing some issues in the
deployment. We are deploying the agent using active directory rather than
zenworks (I'd never deployed an update to zenworks from zenworks and wasn't
sure if it would be a problem). At any rate when we deploy the agent it is
not reusing the workstation object, it is creating a new object called
workstation1 instead of workstation.

I guess I don't understand why it isn't reusing the object. Before this
agent update we'd had no problems with reimaging a machine or even replacing
a machine and reusing the old workstation object. What exactly does
Zenworks use to determine whether or not it can reuse the old.