I wasn't sure which group to post this in. If there is another more
appropriate place please let me know.

I hae ZFD 6.5 running in a school environment. They have 3 schools that
are running over a wireless link. To help keep the wireless traffic
down, I installed zen workstation import/removal services at each
location. Each location has their own container. In each container I
have configured the server package to import the workstations to a
specified container, which being a workstations container in the same
context as the server package.

The problem I am having is that when the workstation gets imported, they
are all getting imported in the same location. The location being a
workstation container in a parent container. It appears that they are
reading the correct server package policy, since they are able to grab
the correct imaging image that is on the local server. I don't
understand why they are all being imported into the parent container and
not the container in the same context as their respective zen server??