Hi all,

I am experimenting with Zenworks 6.5 in a pure Windows environment.

I have installed Windows Server 2000 Server (with SP2), eDirectory 8.7.3,
Zenworks 6.5 and the middle tier on the same server (on IIS).

The middle tier is configured to look for users in the context
O=Challenger and according to the documentation
page=/documentation/zenworks65/dminstall/data/bouhf7o.html) it should
search for users in sub containers.

I have a test client (Windows XP with desktop agents, no Novell client).
If the user account is in the O=Challenger container everthing work fine
(apps are distributed, setting and set, etc).

However, if I move the user account to a sub container (eg O=Challenger,
OU=Users) the Zenworks desktop client prompts me for the username and
password. I can specify the full DN of the user account and login, but I
do not want end users to have to do this - they will never remember the
full DN of their user account.

Since there will only ever be one user account of any particular name
(due to AD's shortcomings), there will never be duplicate logins on the
network. I plan to use Identity Manager to sync the two directories in
the production environment.

What am I missing? Why won't the middle tier find users in sub