Hi All
I had initially installed ZEN65 in a test environment. This consisted of
ZEN for Desktops with eDirectory on a W2K3 server and the Middle Tier
component on another W2K3 server. It appeared to be working well so I
decided to put a similar setup into a quality environment which is more like
our live system.

However after installing Middle Tier on its own W2K3 server, I am not able
to access the NSADMIN Web console. It keeps complaining of the following:
"Username is not authorized to access the NetStorage administrator
You must be logged in as the Netstorage Proxy user or equivalent"
Now I can assure you that my proxy user has the necessary rights, I even
gave him admin rights to make sure but I still get the same message. I then
even used the admin account but still get the same message.

Any ideas; is it IIS or maybe some kind of security policy on the domain??

Any help would be appreciated