Hi all-

Not sure if this is the right place for this question, but here it goes:

I have a NetWare 6.5 SP2 server running ZfD 6.5. If I register a
workstation into the tree, I get the following error on the Workstation
Import screen:

Nov 5, 2004 1:53:56 PM java.io.InterruptedIOException: Operation interrupted

and I cannot import anymore workstations, until I issue a "zfdstop" and
then "zfdstart" to get it running again.

{At this point, utilization jumps up and stays at about 98% or so. In
Monitor, under Kernel -> Busiest Threads, I see that JSOCK.NLM is the

If I try to unload Java with "java -exit" the server will hang
completely to the point of not accepting keyboard input, but if I do a
"reset server", it goes down gracefully and all is well until I get the
ws import error again.}

(It was doing this with NW 6.5 SP1a also, going to SP2 didn't help)

Anyone have any ideas?