Anyone ever see these issues?

Windows 2000 SP4
Netware 6.5 Cluster
Novell 4.9 SP2 client
Zenworks 6.5 SP1
PCAnywhere 10.5

Removable Device
We have been experiencing intermittent folks with their a: drives showing
as a removable device and the same folks their CD Rom drives won't spin
up. This is how we first noticed the problem is someone went to use the
CD and it didn't work. Upon further investigation, we found their A:
drive showing as removable.

Clients have complained that this has been since the deployment of the 6.5
RC and Agent. We also distributed the Novell client SP2 about a week
before migrating distributing the agent and rc to the desktops. This is
happening on all different images/Dell and OMNI pcs.

Application Explorer Missing and PC Anywhere Problems
A workstation already has PCAnywhere loaded, we deployed the desktop agent
6.5 (never had any other agent), the agent installs, reboots, the
application explorer icon disappears from the system tray (but stays on
the desktop)--never to show again.

If you click in the computer display settings to change anything, you will
notice your colors are set at 16 colors (no other settings show) and if
you click, this will reboot your workstation and you will need to
reinstall your video driver. This has happened on quite a few machines
with PCAnywhere loaded. Ideas? We are looking at PCAnywhere 11 now.