I am having trouble finding where I add the contexts for the middle tier Zen agent login to not need the whole qualified DN or whatever its called for other contexts beside one. I know I added the info into all the areas I could think of and besides rebooting the server which I cant till tomorrow I am at a loss.

if I login as user - whos under context1.ou=1.o=sp
it picks up the dlu and other policies and logs them in.
if I login as user2 - whos under context2.ou=1.o=sp
I get nothing.

I added them in ldap, domain/contexts, the sys:\etc\ctsx and cfstx or something like that and have yet to reboot or restart apache since I am not sure if that will work and the main admin is out at the moment so I cant get the go ahead to check without being sure I did it right.

thanks in advance. I am most likely in the wrong area .