Running ZFD 6.5 on NW 6.5 sp2, unable to increase the log sizes of
Zenwsimp.log and zenwsrem.log. Here's what I'm doing:

1. stop Zen services on the server (zfdstop).
2. edit the zenwsrem.ncf and zenwsimp.ncf files to increase the log size
(increase -Dlogfilelimit=10000 entry to 20000).
3. Restart the services. Both import and removal service show: Nov 15,
2004 9:14:52 AM The maximum log file limit is 100000. The log file will be
limited to this maximum.

Just to ensure that the file is being read, I have tried modifying the path
of the logfile to report to sys:\zenworks\zenwsimp2.log instead of the
default - and this works (same thing w/ removal service). So I know the
file is being read, and that the syntax is okay, at least up to that point.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Services are running fine, just need to
keep a bit more logging for troubleshooting purposes.

Here's the full contents of the zenwsimp.ncf file

Load Java
zenAWSClassPath=SYS:java\njclv2\lib\jndi.jar;SYS:j ava\njclv2\lib\njclv2.jar;
SYS:java\lib\zenWSDel.jar;SYS:java\lib\zenCommon.j ar;SYS:java\lib\zenWS.jar;
java -classpath $zenAWSClassPath;$CLASSPATH -jszenWSImp
-Dlogfile=SYS:zenworks\zenwsimp2.log -Dlogfilelevel=1 -Dlogfilelimit=20000
-Dloglevel=1 -ns -sn"ZENworks Workstation Import"
com.novell.application.zenworks.autowsmanagement.w simport.ImportWorkstations