I'm trying to develop a scaling plan for our ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Mgmt
system and I am having real trouble finding information on when you need
to go with another server.

We're looking at keeping the Novell Client to talk to eDirectory and only
use middle tier if we're going through the firewall to web based clients.
We currently have 3 eDirectory servers (2 NW, 1 2K) each with a replica
and the ZENworks services spread across them, Imaging, Inventory, Desktop
Mgmt, Wkstn Imp/Rem. In addition the ZEN inv DB store is going to go into
a separate MS SQL server.

The only limitation I've found so far is that a maximum of 5,000
workstations can be attached to a single Inventory Server, everything else
seems dependent on NIC speed and RAM in the server.

Our situation is such that we have many (121) small sites connected over
2mb lines which don't warrant local servers and 6,500 PCs in total. Larger
sites will be given a local NAS box storing applications for deployment
through a mapped drive but all eDirectory/ZEN information will be gathered
centrally from the 3? main ZEN servers (properly ramped up with RAM).

Will 3 servers be enough to support this amount of clients? If not how
many clients are we talking per server in the real world?

One last question, does all of the eDirectory load go the the first server
the Novell Client logs into? I'm assuming it does and that as a server
gets loaded down the others will respond quicker and keep the load more