Hi all,

We are currently running ZEN 3.2 SP2 on a NW 5.0 and 5.1 boxes and want to
upgrade to ZEN 6.5 but are unsure of the best upgrade path. Since 6.5
does not support NW 5.x we need to install a new server.

Two factors come in to play... First,(unfortunately), as a trend, we are
moving more toward Active Directory for authentication and file storage.

Second, we would also like to run ZEN 3.2 concurrently with 6.5 as we have
ZEN 3.2 SP2 in other offices on the same tree. (From what I have already
read on the forum, ZEN 3.2 SP3 should be performed before an upgrade to

My question is...wanting to stick w/ ZEN for workstation management, would
it be worthwhile to put ZEN on a NW 6.5 box by itself or to build a 2003
server with eDirectory?

I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for your help.

Matt Hartel