For political reasons we are required to rename our ZENworks tree and I'm
just trying to think and plan through a number of issues I've discovered.

Renaming the tree with iManager and fixing any issues in the Netware NCF
files seems fairly straight forward, however, we also run a win2k ZEN
server and I can't find much information regarding any ZEN config changes
here. Anyone done this before on 2k?

We thought about using a scheduled task on each client PC which would
reconfigure the registry settings to point to the new tree and then
reboot. Anyone see any pitfalls here?

We have a number of cached and distributed applications and I'm attempting
to find a way to stop these (especially the force cached apps)
redistrubting when the tree name changes. Would this be possible by
changing the tree name under the "HKLM\SOFTWARE\NetWare\NAL\1.0\SACache"
and "distibute" etc hives? AFAICT the registry app portion only contains
the GUID and CN=.OU=.O= portions no tree specific data.

Lastly, we synch via dirXML with AD and another eDir tree. I'm just
planning to copy the filters we have in place and set them up for the new
tree name prior to the rename, then set them off once it is complete.

We have had a suggestion that we create a new ZEN tree with new servers
from scratch and duplicate everything over before switching users as and
when we require. This will of course mean that every app now has to be
redistributed as the GUID will change. Any comments for or against?