Have installed NWSBv6.5 on server and Novell Client 4.90 SP1 on workstation.
Also installed ConsoleOne v1.3.6 on server and workstation. Completed ZFD
4.01 Server Installation.

My only need for ZFD at this time was to manage dynamic logins on
workstations - so want to avoid complexities of setting up a Middle Tier

My plan was to install only the Workstation Manager component to workstation
and work through the Novell Client.

Q1: Is this approach workable?

Q2: My ConsoleOne 1.3.6 reports "No Creator Snapins" when I try to create a
Policy Package or WorkStation object. Is this because of missing snapins or
do I have the wrong version of ConsoleOne? (One of the Installation Guides
for ZFD 4.01 was talking about preferring ConsoleOne v1.3.5)