Ever since installing ZEN6.5 into my then eDir 8.7.1 tree and doing
workstation imports to create workstation objects, I have been receiving
many of the follow type messages when doing a repair:

ERROR: Invalid reference to object, ID: 00008049, value is purged
Attribute 41ADC7DB, Reference
Object ID: 0001571E, DN: CN=PC5109.OU=WinXP.OU=OFA.O=OACSD.T=OACSD

The errors are corrected after a repair, however if I wait a few hours I
will get similar errors again.

I was told by a Zen engineer that is was probably related to the version of
eDir and to install eDir v8.7.3.3... I performed the upgrade and the
messages still appear.
Any suggestions?