I'm trying to extend the schema for Zenworks v6.5. We are in
a Netware v6.0 sp4 (edir v8.7.3) environment. eDirectory,
replicas and time sync all look good. About 2 years ago we were using
Zenworks v3.2 but no longer have objects, although there are still Zen
classes and attributes shown under the Schema Manager.

When I try to extend the schema I receive the following error:
-- ZENworks Schema Extension Summary for
-- Processing ..\..\schema\schema.txt
-- Schema extension failed for
..\..\schema\dmpolicy.sch ERROR: Unable to extend schema for schema
file dmpolicy.sch. Error code: -659
ERROR: There was a problem extending the schema. There may be a problem
with your directory.

I have tried a few TID's, but hesitate performing TID # 10087479. I
was getting the 'dmwork.sch' error, but after I ran a schema purge
using dstrace I'm getting the error above.

Any ideas on what I might try next?