I had a server running Zen4.0 and after an upgrade to 6.5 I have had nothing
but problems. In an attempt to get back to a clean load I decided to delete
some of the Zen objects and remove the various folders, NCF files, NLM's etc
etc as recommended in TID10094807. Now after a clean install I receive the
following error. Also the volume I specified to install the database files
is empty. The VOL:\Zenworks folder was never created. At installation time I
do not have the option of selecting other volumes. Any ideas would be
appreciated I am stumped. Here is the error after the install. This same set
of files have been used on other servers so I know the media is fine. I am
also the admin so rights to the folders and edirectory are not an issue. The
server is NW5.1 SP5.

Pre-install steps completed successfully
XML Proxy Server components NOT installed on ZENWORKS
Error: There was an error installing ZENworks Desktop Management on
Error: Error copying files to server.
Be sure that no ZENworks Desktop Management files are open or locked.