I just want to ensure that I am clear on this "upgrade".

My wish is that my existing W2K clients running the old (old) nal and zen
3.02 components continue to talk to my existing 3.02 servers for
workstation import etc. Also they will continue to receive there NAL apps
as they have been - oh and WM Policies as well.

I am planning to install Zen 6.5 in parallel (same tree) but the
components onto separate NW 6.5 servers. I then assume anyone with "new"
agents will talk to this "new" structure for inventory, workstation
import/removal, remote control etc. I think I know the answer to this,
but will the "new" agents use the old apps and workstation policies?.

Anything else I should be thinking about ie: Console One versions, snap
ins etc?

thanks in advance.