I've been having lot's of issues trying to upgrade the shipping version
of ZEN 6.5 agent to either of the 2 beta agents on Windows 98 SE
machines. I have made sure to set the reinstallmode to vamus in the
msi properties of the NAL object. The update will begin on the
workstation, and seems to finish successfully. The reboot begins, byt
during the reboot, the following happens:

Please wait while Windows updates files....

Setup cannot update the files, please re-run the setup or reinstall

Press any key to continue.

After you a press a key to continue, 75% of the time the install works
and everything is working. The other 25%, the workstation will not
load the ZEN agent files, and not load ZEN at all. If i try to
uninstall the agent, it say it cannot as a previous install did not
finish. There is no way then to reinstall, uninstall the agent and i
pretty much have to re-image the workstation.

Anyone else seen this issue, or have suggestions on how to remedy?

Chris Gotstein
Fox Point - Bayside School District