Good Afternoon,

Over the past 6 months, I have upgraded my entire network, by doing clean
installs of Netware 6.5 sp2 to 11 servers. This also includes one
GroupWise 6.5 server, one BorderManager 3.8 proxy server, one web server
and a Domain Authority server for DNS, DHCP, etc. Everything seems to
work great. iManager, iPrint, rconj, remote manager, the web management
tools for My SQL and PHP, etc.

So ... the only thing old I have left is our Zenworks server, still
running NW 6 sp3 and Zen 2, upgraded to 3, and then upgraded to 4.1,
which is the present. All our clients are running 3.4 or 4.9, with no
updates. We have been prepareing for ACU though while updating images and
updating clients. Oh ya, and the June edition of the ZfD agent.

I have been reading the zenworks forum for a while and have taken note of
all kinds of different issues useing different ZfD agent versions with
different client versions and different zenworks versions.

My question is ... For the best possible outcome, Do you think I would be
better off if I wiped out the server, installed nw6.5 sp2, the latest
zenworks 6.5 and started from scratch? or Just do the upgrades to
what I have and see what issues I end up with? The history of Zenworks in
my network is rather sketchy ... It has always been a crapshoot when
trying to get something to work. From minor Application Icons deciding
not to show up, to getting DLU to work, to Remote Control working on some
machines but not on other when the PC's are exactly the same. The
Inventory has never worked correctly either ... of course some of this
could be my lack of knowledge, whereas there is so much to know. But
having no one to learn from except my own research is constantly a

So anyway ... I'm looking for some good advise.
Thank you in advance,