I've just upgraded from ZfD3.2 where I was logging application usage to
files and I want to start logging to a Database instead.

I followed the upgrade procedure as per documentation and did a default
install of the Sybase database for both Inventory and Desktop Management.
The only deviation from the defaults was that I installed the Databases to a
volume other than SYS, due to space limitations on SYS. Both databases
seemed to install Ok and Inventory works very well but I cannot get any
applications to log anything into the Nal DB.

The ODBC drivers were installed onto the test workstation and the connection
tested Ok. The agent installed without a hitch (apart from re-writing the
GINA information in the registry) and applications work well when I log in.
I've watched the nal.db file on the serever while I've run applications and
the nal.db file modification time and file size haven't changed. The apps
log Ok to log files. I've also tried switching on debugging on the
workstation but the `Reporting' option shows no activity beyong the intial
`logging started' marker in the log file.

Any suggestions of what I should try next would be most appreciated.