We are currently running ZfD 3.2 in our NW6 - SP3 - eDir 8.6.2
environment. Most of the NW servers are running an OLD Centura SQLBase
Database. When we go to SP4 or higher, DB response goes to a slow
crawl. As the DB is business critical, this is important. We are in
the process of migrating everything to a central Oracle db but in the
mean time, we must maintain this wonderful 1997 technology.

SO we are wanting to go to Zen 6.5 and the min. requirements are NW6
SP4. Now looking at the docs, concerning the Zen Tree. What portion(s)
of ZfD 6.5 require NW6 SP4.

Could we do the Policy / Workstation Mgmt from a ZEN tree but still do
app deployment through the Workforce tree? Asking this question because
we have 68 remote sites with a single server. They won't want to add a
second server at each site for NW6.5.

Would appear (if we can do App Mgmt from exisiting tree), we would lose
Imaging capabilities unless we do it across the WAN.

Ideas anyone?