ZAP works until I install ZFD client. ZFD clients works until I install ZAP!

NW65 sp2 is my ZFD 65 server.
ZFD client ZfDAgent.msi 6.5.04.

I've had NO problems with ZAP 4. I know previous versions ZAP5 had issues with IE and Win XP SP2. This is the latest ZAP client as of this writing.

All of my Netware servers are on the same subnet. I do have multiple NICs in my ZFD server but only to server IP based printers in distant parts of the building. No users log into those

Before I installed the ZFD client, I was able to login to eDir and access all of my volumes just fine. After installing ZFD client, my computer WILL let me log in (I've added the entire private network to the 'allow list') however the desktop rarely comes up and I'm forced to hit ctrl-alt-del. After that, I cannot even get to the task manager. The entire computer _seems_ to lock up but occasionally, I'll see some disk activity. Letting the computer sit overnight doesn't yeild any additional info.

If I uninstall either ZAP 5.5 or ZFD client, my problems go away.

I can reproduce this on three different laptops. The laptops are the same make and model and are freshly installed (over and over).

I've allowed all of the applicable Novell programs to access the trusted network. Still, I get either lockups or failed drive mappings. Strangely enough, even though I know ZFD (ala dynamic local user) is working, the invalid drive mappings are failing on my only ZFD server! Ouch

Anyone on ZAP 5.5 yet? I'd like to hear success stories if any!