I've done some searching here, but haven't found a clear answer to my
question. Here it is:

Our current NW environment is NW 6.5 with Zen 3.2 (still many 95 clients).
Unfortunately, we need all of our functionality with Win 95 and cannot
upgrade past Zen 3.2 on our main servers.

When we were testing Windows 2003 Terminal Server, it quickly became evident
that Zen 6.5 is needed to make Win 2003 TS work well with zenworks.

We are serious about going further with terminal services, and therefore
need Zen 6.5 somewhere on each network throughout our buildings.
Unfortunately, we do not have 2+ servers in each building to run both Zen
3.2 and Zen 6.5.

In doing some reading, it seems possible to put Zen 6.5 on Windows 2003
server. Would this give me the full functionality with Zen 6.5 managing the
same terminal server, so all I would have to do is keep my existing Zen 3.2
network and add a 2003 Term Server with Zen 6.5 installed on it?

I'm looking for more input to see how much we're going to have to invest to
get this to work? Ideally, we'd be adding Win 2003 terminal servers with
Zen 6.5 installed, without having to install Zen 6.5 on another NW server
separate from our Zen 3.2 NW servers.