Help. We're NW 6.5SP2 servers, Zen 3.2 SP3, NW Client 4.90SP1a, 3500
users across all of Texas. We want to go to Zen 6.5 for the DM parts.
After discussion with management, we cannot sacrifice Imaging, to include
the DLU policy, Remote Control (and therefore WS/Import). Nals need to be
as seemless as possible. According to the documentation, you upgrade the
backends, then the desktop client. According to TIDS, if I do this,
WS/Import will fail until the agent is placed on the desktop (possibly
eliminating remote management at least for ws reimaged during this time
frame since they won't be registered). DLU will fail until the agent is
in place. Imaging should be a successful workaround. Considering a best
effort would take two weeks to update backend then push Zen Agent to all
desktops, it appears I can't meet managements requirements. Hopefully a
sysop will catch this, and point out where I am wrong.

As an aside, if I push the desktop agent out FIRST, then update the core
with at least WS/Import, can I maintain remote capabilities?