We have a Nw 6.5sp2 server with edir8.733 patch installed. We installed
Zenworks Desktop Management 6.5 and everything seemed fine. On Jan. 14th
I installed Zenworks Middle Tier on the server. I came in on Monday Jan.
17th to find the server unresponsive (could not ping, monitor screens
would not move, and little or no activity on drives). I had to hard
reboot the server. I checked the error log and abend log but nothing was
logged since the install. I came in the next morning to find the server
in the same state but I was able to move the console screens with Alt-esc
but it would take 3-5 minutes between screens. I was trying to get to
the monitor screen so I could see what process was utilizing all the
cpu. I got to the console GUI and it hung right there. I rebooted the
server again and unloaded the console GUI. The server made it through
the next night but today when I came in I found the server again in a bad
state. All the drives appear to be deactiviated, DS was authenicating
but I was able to do a ctrl+alt+esc and down the server. Still nothing
useful in the logs. How can I find what module is causing the problem?
How can I remove the Zenworks Middle tier server install but leave the
Xtier intact? Any help would be appreciated.