I have just purchased ZEN 6.5. I will be insttalling on 2003 server. All
of our accounts are created on a LDAP server(SunOne Directory Server-2002
on Solaris soon moving to SUSE). The Windows AD was never set up to get
athentication from LDAP, but I understand that can be done. It exists on
only one segment of our network. There are also file services on a Suse
box with Samba 3 providing domain authentication for some workstation,
but that is non- critical and can be taken out. I would like to end up
with no Microsoft Active Directory and only ZEN using the LDAP for
authentication. With this end result in mind, how should I install?
Specifically, should I make the new 2003 server running ZEN a domain
controller or a workgroup server? Eventually we will go to ZEN on SUSE
managing one big happy network.