(I got told to post this in here... or a ZFD forum

This may be a silly question BUT I'll ask it anyway

Our tree is hierarchical based on geographic ..(240 sites)

We have 5 midtiers that users connect to for authentication etc etc...

Do I need to associate the Container Package with the containers the
MidTiers are located in ?
OR all of the sites containers where the users are located?
OR can I associate it to a higher container that all of the MidTiers have a
replica of ? (which is the current case)

O=ExampleO <-Search Policy starts at selected container and is set to 4
| +----OU=Location
| +----OU=Servers
| | +----CN=MidTier1
| |
| +----OU=Users
| +----CN=Elvis

Not sure if the MidTier handles stuff differently - I would think not .. BUT
you never do know.