We're currently going through the testing phase for rolling out zen
6.5 and I'm looking for any suggestions that would make this upgrade as
smooth as possible. Our Netware clients are all 4.83 sp1. We have a
single local netware 6.0 sp4 server with zen 3.2 (no zen service packs
applied). We also have about 10 remote locations that each have a
netware 6.0 sp4 server with zen 3.2 installed. We've already bought a
new server to replace our main local zen server. It will be running
netware 6.5 sp2 and zen 6.5. From what I understand, it shouldn't be a
problem to run our new zen 6.5 server alongside our old 3.2 servers
(both local and remote). We'd like to migrate the data off of the old
server onto the new one and do upgrades on the remote servers. We're
not worried about migrating the inventory, we'll probably just recreate
it. Here's our plan:

1) install netware 6.5 on zen_new
2) extend schema
3) install zen 6.5 on zen_new
4) copy applications from original zen server to zen_new
5) make backup of C1 with zen snapins from original zen server
6) remove the original zen server and rename zen_new to zen
7) deploy netware client 4.9 sp2 along with zfd agents to local clients
8) upgrade remote netware servers to netware 6.5 sp2
9) upgrade from zen 3.2 to zen 6.5 on those same remote servers
10) upgrade remote netware clients and zfd agents
11) start using the new C1 zen 6.5 snapins

My main question is will I have to apply zen sp3 to the remote servers
before I upgrade them? Again, we're not worried about the inventory
data on the zen 3.2 servers...we will recreate it all. I just want to
know if zen will even permit a non sp3 3.2 zen server to be upgraded to 6.5