can anyone tell me if Novell fixed the problem in the TID above? We are
having the same problem and have noticed that when we create a new
policy it doesn't happen anymore. The policies that we have are 2 years
old and I can imagine that they were created with the orignal ZFD4
snapin(ouch!). According to the TID, the workaround would be to create
the policy with the ZFD6.5 snapin. I remember once reading something
that once a policy was touched by the ZFD6.5 snapin that it wouldn't
work with the ZFD4 agents(we have some real old ones too). I'm unable to
find this in the documentation anymore. Is this still so or is it
possible to move up to the ZFD6.5 ConsoleUno snapins without having
problems with workstations using the ZFD4 agents?