After installing the Zen for Desktop agent for Zen 6.5, I get an error
message "Application Explorer - The version of the NT service you have
loaded is out of date. Please install version 20031014"

The message is 100% reproduceable. If I image the box back to W2K SP4 with
the NW Client 4.90 SP2, all is well. The message is only displayed after
the ZFD agent is loaded. The problem is the same whether I use the agent
that came with Zen 6.5 or with Update 2.

The last time I saw a message like this was due to an Application Explorer
file version mismatched. I'm pretty sure that is the problem again, but
don't understand what the Zen agent is changing with regard to Application

Application Explorer does not start after the agent is loaded and the error
message starts appearing. It works fine before installing the agent.

Any suggestions are appreciated.