We're in the process of setting up ZENworks 6.5, and would like to use
an Oracle 10g server for the inventory/audit/etc databases. (We do have
an Oracle 8 installation, but it's on old hardware and only there for a
couple of legacy apps that don't work with Oracle 10g yet - and we expect
those to be replaced within a few weeks.)

I realise that this would be an unsupported configuration, but I can't
see any reason why it shouldn't work (except if some of the stored
procedures use stuff that doesn't work in 10g, of course, but that doesn't
seem terribly likely.) I'd also like to avoid setting up an entire new
instance just for ZENworks - I'd prefer just to give it its own tablespace
on the existing one - but that's not as important.

I'm digging through the various scripts that get run to set up the
database at the moment, and it looks as though it should be possible to
use them on 10g without too much work. If anyone has any comments,
advice or prior experience to share, though, I'd appreciate hearing your

-- Jonathan