I'm not sure if this is correct group for this question, but it was about
the best group that I could find. If there is another group that is more
appropriate, please let me know.

Each time I leave my computer, I hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and lock the machine.
When I unlock the machine the Word Visual Basic Editor (VBE) opens and is
devoid of toolbars and menus.
If I close the VBE and open it again, the toolbars and menus are displayed.

This does not appear to be related to any specific document, as it happens
with every document I've tested, and without regard to whether or not the
document contains macros or is based on a custom template. It also does not
appear to be a Word problem because it happens with Excel too, although that
does not rule out a general Microsoft Office problem as the cause.
Nonetheless, my suspicion is that this is a Novell issue.

We run Novell 6.5 on the network.

Any ideas on why this happens?