I am looking for a way to duplicate one of the features of the Helpdesk
requestor that existed in version 2 and 3 of ZENworks. I would like to
create an application object that users can run which will show them
their registered workstation name. The reason I need this is that users
occasionally rename their workstations but ZENworks remains unaware of
it. Therefore, if a user calls in and we want to identify what
workstation they are currently at, we can't simply tell them to give us
their computer name because it might not match the eDirectory object.

I used to be able to tell them to launch the Requestor and read the
workstation ID from its screen. I can no longer do this because it is
not available. I tried copying the hlpreq32.exe file but it requires a
policy be set that is no longer available.

I have also looked into doing remote control based on user but many of
our users move around and the user object remembers a lot of workstation

I have tried to find a command that will display the value of the
Workstation Object registry key but it still eludes me.

Any ideas?