I need to install the zen 6.5 agent to several PC's that don't have any
prior zen installed - so i can't use a zen app to push it out and I can't
just run the msi app in a script because i need to customize the way it's
I'm not familiar with using msiexec to customize the install using the msi
file. Novell provides NO help in this area - except to point to a MS link
which is turning out to be pretty useless.
Surely, Novell doesn't assume that everyone is upgrading their clients from
a prior version and using NAL to upgrade the clients to the latest version
do they? Seems to me Novell isn't providing decent documentation for their
I sure wish Novell could have provided some instructions of their own on
using msiexec to push out the zen agent.
Anyone have a link or some information on how to do this?