I've been finding bits and pieces of information on how to implement ZEN
6.5 Desktop Management on PCs located at NBO v2 branch office sites either
with or without the ZEN 6.5 MTS. I can go either way, I just want to find
out how anyone has managed to do this.

Environment is one NW65SP2 server at central site with ZEN65UP2 Desktop
Management services installed. A second NW65SP2 server at the central site
with ZEN65UP2 ZEN675U2 MTS installed. Private WAN connecting central site
to branches. NBOv2SP2 servers in the branches. All NBO PCs are Win2KSP4
with NCW49SP1a. NBO PCs have ZEN6.5U2 Desktop Management Agent installed
with settings to use the MTS server ip on port 80. NBO PCs can ping
ZENWSIMPORT. NBO PCs do not register. WSREG32.LOG on NBO PCs not listing
what the problem might be. NBO users auto-provisioned from central site
directory. NBO users map drives to local NBO server in remote.appusers
container login script.

Is there any definitive documentation, TIDS or "cool solutions" that apply.
I have search the Novell knowledge base, cool solutions and googled this
on news groups without a lot of success. I've looked at most of what is
out there but it all seems woefully incomplete.

Should the NBO users have the "tree" command to the central site directory
before mapping drives in the remote.appusers container script?

Any insights would be appreciated as I feel like I've been all over this
but can't really dope it out.