We are currently running zfd4 and zfs3.02. I've noticed that the new
requirements for the zend 6.5 suite are for NW6.0 and above. We have a
substantial amount or 5.1 servers at my remote locations. We are not
planning to moving them to NW6.5 in the near future as these are very small
offices and I cannot cost justify the upgrade. So it seems I cannot
upgrade them to zen6.5? I'm curious if anyone has a reason to why 6.0 is
now required. I cannot believe it won't work on 5.1 as long as the jvm is
updated. I'm also curious.. does it really matter..... I mean by not
installing zfd on the servers specifically, what am I loosing. updated
intventory, possibly an updated import process, etc.....what else?

I'm more concerned about ZFS (under zen6.5), will it install or does it
require the nw6.0 as well. I bet so...

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!!